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High Blood Pressure - Bells Palsy Info and Help

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stroke or stress?

Bell Palsy

Just wondering..well I have sometimes high blood pressure.
Usually at the doctors or under stress.
At night it goes very low so the doctor hasn’t put me on meds yet.
One day I noticed my mouth was lower on the right side.
I dont notice numbness and still can smile normally..its just when
relaxed I notice this.
The doctor gave me a cat scan that showed normal..no stroke
or bells palsy.
I did have a oral surgery on a tooth about 2 weeks before.
with infection that swelled my left side for a while.

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Is Bells Palsy associated with a stroke any?

Bell Palsy

I had Bells Palsy in 2003 and I lost muscle control of the right side of my face for about 8 wks. I completely recovered for the most part. A bit of a lazy eye that only I can notice. This year I’ve been experiencing reoccuring muscle spasms in the right side of my face. Kinda like it wants to come back. I’ve also been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I’m on medication that hasn’t lowered it past 177/114. I’ve been checking symtoms of a stroke and I seem to get all of them just not at the same time. I feel okay so could the Bells Palsy just trying to come back and I’m thinking it’s a stroke? Or is it signs of a stroke? Do I call 911 even if I feel okay but experiencing like symptoms at that moment? My blood pressure has been high for at least 18 months
I’m 36 yrs old. 5’2″ and I weigh about 135#. The highest my blood pressure has been is 202/158. I experience numbness in my right arm and hand I get blurred vision and slurred speech and it feels like my equal liberum is messed up at times the past couple days I’m getting a sharp pain in my right ear. When I had the Bells Palsy the muscles on the right side of my face didn’t work. I had to tape my eye closed to sleep I couldn’t smile right had to use a straw on my left side to drink anything.

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Bell Palsy

My employer is giving me a really hard time lately. I am 34wks pregnant. I live in NYC. So far, I’ve been really sick, morning sickness, flu, bells palsy, high blood pressure, etc. However, I am not considered high risk or complicated just that I’ve been getting sick throughtout the belly. They’ve asked me to have my dr update my FMLA forms 3 times and now they’re asking for a 4th because my paperwork does not say anything about me being high risk or complicated so I should not be out of the office if I’m feeling sick or whatever because nothing in my paperwork supports the fact that I can just wake up one morning and feel horrible. I don’t know what else to do or what they want. It’s getting too stressful to run back to my dr everytime they need more stuff.

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Bell Palsy

I have improved, but not 100 % back to the way I was. My balance has been affected. So walking is not the same. I have had MRI’S and cat scans on my head. They can’t give me a diagnosis, except that I didn’t have a stroke they thought also that I have bells palsy but I didn’t think that it also affected your arm and leg, justb face and eye. I need some input, I don’t have insurance. I am 45 yrs. old. Have diabetes,high blood pressure,sleep apnea. fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis.

Treating Anxiety

Does Blood Pressure medication always work ?

Bell Palsy

I work with a lady who has had high blood pressure for years. Last week, she had, what they diagnosed as Bells Palsy – and per her on medication for her high blood pressure. Today our boss took her blood pressure and it is 160/100. I’d be running to a doctor – what do you think ?
How many days does the medication take to become effective ?

The One-Minute Cure

Bell Palsy
Christy M

However, there was one T2 weighted foci (2 x 4 mm) in my frontal lobe. With contrast, there was nothing. My neurologist said I COULD come back in 6-12 months for a follow up MRI if I wanted. My question is, should I go back if I’m having no symptoms? I have read a lot of scary stuff about MS starting this way, but have also read that it could be do to old headaches, high blood pressure, age, etc. I would NEVER have even known I had a “white spot” on my brain had I not PUSHED for the MRI (my general doctor didn’t think anything was really wrong except that I had a case of Bell’s Palsy) Any thoughts?

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